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SUP safety is no joke!

We've seen a lot of new people discovering SUP over the past 12 months. It's fantastic to see!

With longer days approaching, restrictions potentially easing across the UK, and most importantly better weather, we're going to see loads of first time adventures happening on our waterways and coastlines very soon.

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NEW: We'll tell you when it's back in stock.

The item you want is out of stock?

You can now ask us to automatically notify you the moment it comes back into stock at our warehouse.

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5 times a Buoyancy Aid was really useful

Wearing a buoyancy aid is a no brainer, whether you're a natural born swimmer or you sink like a stone.

But in situations like these, you'll definitely be glad you had one on! 

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Astral Serpent: Review

Over 15 years ago the best buoyancy aid on the market hands down was the HF Serpent.

The HF Serpent with its incredible fit, ample organized storage space and a great selection of technical features meant the Serpent revolutionised the paddlesports world and many whitewater specialists would argue it has still remained unbeaten. HF ticked all the required boxes for what was needed and achievable which made it a winner.

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Review: Yak Junga

Autumn has officially arrived!

The leaves are changing colour, evenings are getting darker, and days getting a little cooler.

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A Guide to Buoyancy Aids

Origins of the life jacket can be traced back to simple blocks of wood or cork used by Norwegian seamen. The modern life jacket is generally credited to one Captain Ward, a Royal National Lifeboat Institution inspector in the United Kingdom, who in 1854 created a cork vest to be worn by lifeboat crews for both weather protection and extra buoyancy.

- What is a buoyancy aid and how does it work?
- Different types of buoyancy aid.
- What does the N number mean?
- How long does a buoyancy aid last?

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Review: Ari'i Nui Mahana SUP

Who doesn't love a new toy to play with? When the Ari'i Nui Mahana package arrived in record fast time from Escape, I was super excited to get out right away.

The package arrived complete with the board, paddle, pump, bag and fin, which all packs away easily with room to spare.

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Beth Morgan

NRS Europe team paddler Beth Morgan (UK) is no rookie when It comes to extreme white water racing. Having coached at World Class Kayak Academy the current European champion has paddled and competed all over the world, winning multiple titles at events. Her continued success and ability to make a living whilst kayaking the world makes her an inspiration to not only females, but all paddlers globally. We caught up with Beth recently to find out the secret to what sparks her drive.

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Training Motivation

Speaking with friends and highly competitive athletes paddling under the banners of Palm, Peak UK, NRS, and Level Six to name a few, I have been able to get into the mind set of what drives and inspires individuals to keep pushing themselves to become better, faster, and stronger.

We all have different reasons why we train, but knowing what motivates me and likewise for others has helped put my own training back on track. So here are some tips I have learned to help you stay motivated on your competitive journey, whatever it may be.   

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Product Review: Kokatat Hustle R

Kokatat have been making high quality kit for years, but their PFD selection hasn't always been as eye catching as other brands in my opinion.

Enter the Hustle and Hustle R.

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Product Review: NRS Ninja

JKlatt: Scotland-CastleStalker

The Ninja. Specialised assassins and secret agents of medieval Japanese warfare. They were highly-trained in the martial arts, especially what later became known as ninjutsu or ‘the art of the ninja’.

Now to name a product after such a deadly warrior is quite frankly, very bold! Especially as that product is a buoyancy aid. This really got me thinking, what makes the NRS Ninja buoyancy aid similar to a specialised assassin?

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3 Ways To Brighten Your Day!

There is no doubt that everyone is going through a tough time right now.

Whether you are currently out of work, away from loved ones, or simply just fed up of being cooped up inside, it is important to stay positive mentally to help us get through this crazy pandemic.

Now more than ever we need to stick together to support one another so here is three things you can do at home to keep positive and brighten your day.

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Drysuits for Springtime Paddling

Flowers are blooming, Lambs are in the fields, and more cars are being spotted with toys (like kayaks) on the roof it can only mean one thing...

Spring is here!

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Q&A: Etienne Chappell

Escape Watersports would like to introduce you to Etienne Chappell.  2019 Young Welsh Sportsman of the Year!

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Tree Hazards

There have been two major talking points in the UK throughout February 2020.

The first is the spread of Coronavirus, and the second is something that affects all of us... the weather!

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Product Review: Palm Nevis

I first came across a Palm Nevis prototype about 2 years ago. Although at the time it was far from the final product, when I wore it I felt invincible. I stepped up and ran what is normally my local portage, firing up a couple of reverse freewheel attempts off Lady Falls on the Afon Pryddin. I'm not saying wearing this PFD will turn you into superman because it won't. But something happened to me on that high water day, I was oozing a little more confidence and boating better than normal...

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FAQ: Drysuit Care

Owning a dry suit will completely change your life while out on the water, and although buying one can be a big investment, you truly do get what you pay for.

As a result, we want our suit to last as long as possible, so here are 4 answers to frequently asked questions that will help you do just that.


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Werner 2-Piece White Water Paddles

Werner is to paddling, what gravy is to a Sunday carvery dinner.

Sure you will still be able to go paddling, but you'll always feel like you're missing something.
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Before the Drop

Imagine yourself sitting above a massive rapid.
Floating around an eddy, waiting for a signal from your crew below to let you know they are in position.

Then it's time for you to make the run.

The sun may be shining and the water may be crystal clear, but all you can see down stream is a wide horizon line and splashes of white shooting into the sky from a particularly powerful hydraulic.

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5 Hot Tips For a Sendy Trip

Taking those trips of a lifetime to escape to a happy place is exciting, whether you are planning on a week away or even travelling for months at a time.

We always want to make the most of our adventures, so here are our top tips to keep you in fine form while you are out there sending it!

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What is Paddle Boarding?

Take yourself to most waterways today, and you will be sure to see someone standing on a long board holding a paddle.
For those who aren't familiar, its called Stand Up Paddleboarding or more commonly known as SUP.It's earliest roots trace it back to the 18th century when native Hawaiians paddled along the Pacific from island to island.

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FAQ: Spraydecks

How to find the right spraydeck, the right size, and how to get them on your kayak.
Here are some frequently asked questions we get asked about Spraydecks.

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