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Boat Bog Emergency Boat Repair 100g

Boat Bog

Boat Bog Emergency Boat Repair 100g

Manufacturer: Boat Bog
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Boat Bog 100g

Boat Bog is an EMERGENCY leak repair product that can be applied in seconds to any water vessel. Boat Bog requires no curing or drying time. It can be applied immediately out of the packaging to temporarily stop or slow water inundation through leaking, cracked or breached hulls.

Simply push Boat Bog it into the leaking area to immediately patch the leak. The uniquely dense compound is designed to flex with hull movement and withstand reasonable hydrostatic pressure.

Emergency repairs and maintenance were extremely difficult on the water up until now - Boat Bog is the solution!

Boat Bog should be part of your on-board emergency kit, you never know when you're going to need it.


Boat Bog Features

  • Boat Bog will stick to aluminium, polyester fibreglass, plastic, metal, wood, etc.

  • Boat Bog is extremely versatile and can be used in miscellaneous circumstances (eg. forgotten bungs, leaking icebox coolers, punctured bucket, damaged floats, etc).

  • Stops leaks fast

  • Adheres to wet and dry surfaces

  • Even adheres under water

  • Emergency Boat Repair Specs

Reccomended Temp.

Boat Bog Temperature Chart

COOL Temperatures
Recommended for water temps up to 27°C / 80°F

MODERATE Temperatures
Reccomended for water temps

WARM (Tropical) Temps
Recommended for water temps 27°C / 80°F and above


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